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We are a team of friendly and approachable experts who are keen to help you to save money on your business’s energy and service bills. We base everything we do on our core values of honesty, reliability and total value.

How Total BGS Energy started

How it started…

The idea for Total BGS Energy took shape on a bitterly cold and snowy day back in 2017. We were at a development project, faced with the daunting task of obtaining multiple gas, electric, fiber, and water connections for a new commercial development.

As we stood in the snow, the frustration grew. We realised there had to be a simpler and more efficient way to navigate the complexities of dealing with five different companies, ten departments, and what felt like an endless stream of people passing us from one contact to another. It was a situation many can relate to.

Motivated by this experience, Total BGS Energy was born. Our primary goal was to assist developers in cutting through the red tape and overcoming obstacles related to their new siteworks connections.

In 2019, we took a step further and expanded our services to include energy consultation. This addition allowed us to offer a comprehensive turnkey solution to our commercial clients. And just like that, Total BGS Energy became a full-fledged energy consultancy.

Our company values are rooted in honesty, reliability, and a commitment to providing a total solution for our clients. With these values at the core of our operations, we strive to deliver exceptional service and support every step of the way.

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    Spencer Davies


Total BGS Energy – Our history

Total BGS LTD formed as an electrical contractor

Became a principal contractor for social housing

Total BGS Energy was formed

During the preceding years Total BGS LTD was using multiple utility contractors for our new build property portfolio, at this time it was decided to form Total BGS Energy and complete utility projects in-house. Our first client saved £14,000 on gas supplies alone to two properties - proving the concept

Started the field sales division

To bring the company forward we decided to start a sales team selling B2B energy face-to-face, the focus for the sales force was to do things honestly, reliably and totally - providing a complete package.

Started the telesales division and moved to our new office suite

Total BGS Energy saw a gap in the market for a broker offering a fair service at a fair price whilst doing things the right way. We took another two offices upstairs and knocked them through to create one space, creating a modern look for our telesales team including video calling facilities.

Started telecoms/financial services/waste offering

In our quest to provide a full turnkey package for our customers, we signed up key suppliers to offer exclusive deals to our ex and new customer base.

At Total BGS Energy we believe you should not be bogged down with multiple application forms and numerous hours spent on the phone to utility providers.

Our core values

Honest (always transparent)

This allows you to concentrate on the bigger picture and have a single point of contact for all your enquires.

Reliable (never let our customers down)

Whether that be a single domestic one-off connection or a large multi-use site, we will endeavour to be open and honest with you about the best way to move forward.

Total (all-in-one services)

We can provide you with a turnkey service from the initial consultation right through to installing your meter and finding you a supplier for your energy needs.

We help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals

Total BGS Energy
  • Save money, time and hassle
  • We help businesses of all sizes
  • We work in the public and private sectors

Our team

We believe that our greatest strength lies in the expertise and dedication of our team. We take immense pride in introducing you to the passionate individuals who drive our mission to deliver honest, sustainable energy solutions. In this industry, it's all about making impressions on the right people at the right time, and with honesty and reliability at the heart of it.

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Spencer Davies

Managing Director

Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson

Group Operations Manager

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George Metcalf

Head of Sales & Operations (Field)

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Tracy Cunningham

Sales Operations Manager

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Scott Timmins

Telesales Operations Manager

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Join Total BGS Energy

You won’t be working for Total BGS Energy, you’ll work with Total BGS Energy.

Why not come and join our team? We run a business where the ethos is that if our staff are treated well, then they’ll pay it forward to our clients. We believe in teamwork and work together to find the best solutions for our customers and their businesses. We are a unique procurement consultancy that offers all-in-one utility packages for our clients with sustainability at the core. We keep our practices green and our attitudes honest, reliable and transparent.

For our employees, we offer hard-to-beat benefit packages and impressive training programs and work with you to provide opportunities for you to progress in your career. If this sounds like an environment where you would thrive, why not get in touch to join our team today?

Becoming a partner - made simple

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    Affiliated partner

    As an Affiliated Partner, we would work directly with you to achieve savings and provide services on Energy, Water, Telecoms and Merchant Services now including Bank Accounts to your customers and members. We will take care of everything from the initial contact, working on your customers behalf to procure contracts and provide them services, right through to maintaining and evolving that relationship.

    We will take care of everything from the initial contact, working on your customers behalf to procure contracts and provide them services, right through to maintaining and evolving that relationship.

Becoming a Total BGS Energy partner

Your energy experts, here to help.

For any business energy questions or queries, contact Total BGS Energy today. We’d be more than happy to help.

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