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Commercial Waste Disposal
Commercial Waste Disposal: 10 Types of Business Waste and How to Dispose of it Correctly

There are many forms of waste that commercial businesses accumulate at a rapid pace. It’s not only the responsibility of your business to properly manage the waste it creates, legally, but also to do so regularly – for health and hygiene purposes. Commercial waste disposal is essential, as over time rubbish can pile up and…

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Commercial Waste Management
Your Complete Guide to Commercial Waste Management

In 2020, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) recorded that the UK generated almost 30 million tonnes of commercial waste. Each and every kilogram of these 30 million tonnes needed to be managed effectively to ensure compliance with government legislation as well as to protect the environment and the public from its…

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Commercial Waste Bins
Your Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Waste Bins

This blog will aim to look at the types and sizes of commercial waste bins, as well as your business’s responsibilities relating to disposal, segregation and recycling, to also manage your commercial waste and bins effectively and responsibly, ensuring your business meets regulations. Our expert team at Total BGS Energy can advise you about what…

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Green energy saving methods
Top Energy Saving Tips For Your Business

1. Switch to LED Lights LED lights can reduce your company’s electricity consumption and maintenance by up to 90% compared to non LED light fittings. 2. Install Motion Sensitive Lighting It’s very easy to leave lights on where you don’t need them. Motion sensitive lighting will turn off automatically when the room is not in…

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Close up of the front of a Tesla Model 3
Mythbuster: Electric Vehicles vs Petrol Vehicles

What’s Your Excuse? In this blog, we take a look at the most common myths behind electric vehicles vs plain old dinosaur juice – and if they hold up in 2021. “Not many charging ports” According to, the total number of locations installed with public charging points are currently at 16,725 – with 764 of…

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White Polestar electric car parked in a showroom
Polestar 2 – A Surge of Swedish Ingenuity

Initial Impressions Having hardly any physical garages across the UK, Polestar have set up mobile experience centres which travel around the country, staying a few weeks at a time. The centre was in Sunderland just at the right time for me to try the Polestar 2 Dual Motor with the added performance pack. First impressions,…

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C02 being released from plant
The Road to Net Zero

What is Net Zero? The term Net Zero is cropping up a lot in the media and online, mainly to do with lowering carbon emissions but what does it actually mean? The technical term for Net Zero is Carbon Neutrality. The EU parliament defines carbon neutrality ‘as a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. This…

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White tesla model 3 with black rims parked
The Tesla Model 3 – Charging Ahead

Initial Impressions The version of the Tesla Model 3 we were given to try was the Dual Motor AWD 4dr Performance 2021. The first thing you notice with the Model 3 is how clean the car looks – the door handles are inset into the door, the wheels fill the arches just the right amount,…

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Light bulb on the ground with a plant growing inside
The Green Series

The Viability of Renewable Energy in 2021 & UK Net Zero 2050 Welcome to The BGS Blog – The Green Series. Over the next several months, we are going to be showcasing renewable energy and technology that will help us reach the UK Net Zero 2050 target, together. Our aims are to educate and change people’s perceptions about…

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Close up of Tesla vehicle driving
Electric Vehicles

What is an Electric Vehicle? (EV) The definition of an electric vehicle (EV) is a vehicle that is propelled by one or more electric motors. Electric vehicles predominantly only have a single power source which is battery storage, charged via plug-in chargers. What types of Electric Vehicles are there? Plug-in hybrids (PHEV) A vehicle which…

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