Commercial Waste Disposal: 10 Types of Business Waste and How to Dispose of it Correctly

Commercial Waste Disposal

There are many forms of waste that commercial businesses accumulate at a rapid pace. It’s not only the responsibility of your business to properly manage the waste it creates, legally, but also to do so regularly – for health and hygiene purposes. Commercial waste disposal is essential, as over time rubbish can pile up and your business can be faced with additional costs to dispose of it. It’s important to implement recycling practices to minimise your waste volume and habits.

Businesses need to assess the types of waste they produce to be better equipped to manage it effectively. The following are some sustainable practices your business can implement to improve its waste management, employing more recycling processes and reducing the amount of general waste generated – while at the same time shrinking the company’s carbon footprint.

What are the most common forms of commercial waste?

1. General waste

General waste is the type that simply cannot be recycled – the sort that ends up in ‘Really useless Rubbish’ bins and, ultimately, in landfills. Businesses that employ larger numbers of staff will find more general waste accumulating. A safe practice is to ensure your employees aren’t placing recyclable items with general waste. When waste is organised, it becomes easier to manage and recycling reduces the volume of materials that are sent to landfills.

2. Mixed recycling waste

The proper way to dispose of plastic waste is to first make sure it’s been cleaned before disposing of it and then placing it in a recycling container. Total BGS Energy can supply your business with a mixed recycling bin designed to collect different recyclable materials.

3. Confidential paper

This a form of waste that requires special handling. While paper shredding can be a viable solution, in terms of time management it leaves a lot to be desired.

If your business has large quantities of confidential paper that needs to be safely disposed of, then contact Total BGS Energy. To comply with data protection requirements, avoid identity theft and safeguard confidential company information we ensure this form of waste will be handled with the greatest care and in an eco-friendly manner.

4. Food waste

While this could fall under general waste there is such an abundance of food waste that it requires its own disposal method. The best way to manage food waste involves composting, but we understand if your business doesn’t have time for that. Our eco-friendly food waste disposal methods involve composting and biogas production.

5. Sanitary items

These are the items mostly associated with the washroom. Proper handling techniques must be adhered to when disposing of paper towels and sanitary waste for health and hygiene reasons. Clearly labelled bins can help greatly with this.

6. Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste can come in the form of batteries, cleaning solvents and different chemicals. It is not only prevalent but must be handled with great care to ensure compliance with laws and safety regulations, and Total BGS Energy is fully competent to safely handle, transport and dispose of all hazardous waste materials.

Assess any hazardous chemicals your business may be utilising and look into eco-friendly alternatives as a substitute to reduce any forms of hazardous waste produced by your business.

7. Cardboard waste

It’s crucial for the environment that recyclable materials don’t create significant waste. Consider identifying if certain cardboard products can be reused before disposing of them. Implementing simple practices such as flattening cardboard to make it compact also makes it easier to handle and transport to a recycling facility.

Cardboard waste is one of the most fully recyclable materials and Total BGS Energy can help your business with this process – allowing for new cardboard products to be created with minimal impact on the environment.

8. Clinical waste

While this is specific to those in the medical field, it’s still a form of waste that requires expert attention due to it being a source of harmful bacteria. A waste management service can ensure this is done in compliance with all laws and to prevent any risk to the business or organisation.

9. Glass waste

A dangerous hazard to have anywhere near a worksite. This needs to be disposed of as soon as possible. The good news is glass is highly recyclable, making it another eco-friendly practice for your company. Having specified bins for glass recycling can help to make this a much easier material to collect and recycle.

Demonstrating that your business helps with the reduction of energy consumption can do wonders for its public image and reduce its carbon footprint.

10. Electronic waste

As businesses stray away from the dependency on paper products, an increase in electronic waste can quickly become a problem. Whenever possible invest in electronics from companies that prioritise making recyclable products.

As electronic waste is part and parcel of business life, having a method for the correct disposal of these items is vital. Many parts from electronic waste can also be recycled, so allowing an expert team such as those from Total BGS Energy will enable your business to even recycle materials from electronic waste.

Resolve all your commercial waste disposal needs today

Every business is unique, which is why at Total BGS Energy we offer tailored commercial waste management solutions from recycling programs to waste reduction strategies to meet your business’s specific requirements. By handling the logistics and scheduling, our cost-effective business waste solutions can provide potential savings all while maintaining our high-quality service. Find out more and receive a fixed price quote to protect your business from any price increases.

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