Your Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Waste Bins

Commercial Waste Bins

This blog will aim to look at the types and sizes of commercial waste bins, as well as your business’s responsibilities relating to disposal, segregation and recycling, to also manage your commercial waste and bins effectively and responsibly, ensuring your business meets regulations. Our expert team at Total BGS Energy can advise you about what commercial waste bin services you might need when you get in touch.


What are commercial waste bins?

Commercial waste refers to any type of waste that is generated as a result of a business’s activities – and applies to every type and size of business, even the small ones. This can include waste from shops, offices, factories and any other commercial establishment. The main difference between residential and commercial waste is the type and amount of waste produced. Commercial waste bins are large, often lockable, containers used by businesses for the collection and disposal of waste generated from their commercial activities. Larger than residential waste bins, commercial waste bin sizes have a much bigger capacity, are more robust and often have additional features such as wheels for mobility and foot pedals for hands-free opening as well as varying in the type of waste they are designed to hold.


Commercial waste bin sizes

There are a vast range of commercial waste bin sizes available for your business’s waste needs which range from the 240-litre wheelie bin – with the capacity to hold four or five bags of waste – up to the 16 yard Rear End Loader (REL), which is suitable for storing and compacting up to 160 bags of waste in its impressive 12,600-litre capacity. Ensuring your business has the right size of commercial waste bin is vital for responsible waste management and ensuring you meet regulatory requirements and provide a clean and safe environment for employees and customers alike. Our expert team at Total BGS Energy are happy to discuss your commercial waste requirements making sure you have the commercial waste bin size you need – in fact, we provide our commercial waste clients with a free commercial waste bin when you take a service agreement with us for managing your commercial waste.


Business waste responsibilities

Every business has a legal responsibility under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to safely contain and legally dispose of any waste produced by that business, and if you don’t comply with this then you can be taken to court and fined thousands of pounds as well as risking imprisonment for committing this offence.

Knowing the types of waste your business generates and making sure they are correctly disposed of is vital. Depending on the industry, the waste created could be industrial, agricultural, food, hazardous, clinical, sanitary or even confidential waste, and, as there are many forms of waste which can be recycled or reclaimed, it’s vital to ensure you have the right methods for collecting and disposing of these categories of waste and the right types of commercial waste bins.


Types of commercial waste bins

Commercial waste bins are available in a variety of types and sizes, depending on the waste requirements of your business.

General waste bins

General waste is the largest category of waste that businesses can produce. General waste is everything that can’t be easily recycled and will generally end up in a landfill such as food packaging that has food waste on it or in it, plastic bags, tissues, napkins and kitchen towels, nappies, cat litter and bedding, cigarette ends, broken crockery or glass, cotton wool and buds. Black bins are usually used for general waste management and if you begin to operate a company policy of recycling, you will definitely reduce the amount of general waste your company is generating.

Brown and green recycling bins

Brown and green recycling bins are widely used for recycled materials, with a brown or green recycling bin being used for mixed recyclables such as plastic bottles, food tins, drinks cans, aerosols, tin foil and glass bottles and jars. In some parts of the country, brown recycling bins can be used for garden waste with green bins being for mixed ‘dry’ recyclable materials or even food recycling.

The colour of the recycling bins and the types of waste they can be used for may vary depending on the county council’s recycling policy in the location of your business, and you will need to find out what colour the bins need to be for different types of waste to ensure you remain compliant.

Blue and red recycling bins

Many parts of the country use blue recycling bins for mixed ‘dry’ recyclables such as paper, cardboard, cans and tins and red recycling bins being used for plastics such as bottles, food trays, yoghurt pots (without lids) and empty toiletry and cleaning products bottles.

However, as with the green and brown bins, the colour of different recycling bins for the types of recycled waste that can be thrown into them will vary depending on the geographical area. Every business should check with the local authority to ensure the coloured bins they’re using are being filled with the right types of recyclables.


Need a commercial waste management solution? Contact the experts today

Trying to manage your business’s commercial waste for your company is possible, but involves applying for the right licence, paying the correct fees and ensuring safe disposal in a commercial waste disposal site, all of which can prove difficult and could cost your business dearly in penalties and legal fees if you get it wrong. The easiest way to handle your business waste is to choose a commercial waste management solution with a company that is expert at handling business waste.

As one of the nation’s foremost providers of commercial waste management services, Total BGS Energy are happy to take the hassle out of your commercial waste management by providing you with a free commercial waste bin and collections that are pre-arranged with no additional fees for extra waste collection. We provide updated information about your waste collection times to guarantee you’re kept in the loop, and all of this is included within one budget-friendly, competitive monthly fee.

Get in touch with our experts to get a free quote for your business waste management and find out how reasonable the cost is for having the hassle and stress taken out of your hands.

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