Polestar 2 – A Surge of Swedish Ingenuity

White Polestar electric car parked in a showroom

Initial Impressions

Having hardly any physical garages across the UK, Polestar have set up mobile experience centres which travel around the country, staying a few weeks at a time. The centre was in Sunderland just at the right time for me to try the Polestar 2 Dual Motor with the added performance pack.

First impressions, booking the drive was simple and easy to do. The centre contacted me 10 minutes before to make sure I knew where to find them, and it was clearly signposted.  For me the Polestar 2 is a car you either love or hate, with its boxy lines and somewhat muted colour range, this car stands out in the crowd but is it for the right reasons?

The performance pack adds massive 20 inch 4-Y Spoke polished wheels with huge Brembo four piston aluminium callipers which are painted gold. The wheels fill the arches well and give the front of the car a stance, which I think, is in total contrast to the rear.


Side View



UK Pricing as of 29th July 2021

Standard Model Single Motor £39,900

Long Range Single Motor £42,900

Long Range Dual Motor £45,900


Pilot Pack £3,000

Plus Pack £4,000

Performance Pack £5,000

Ventilated Nappa Leather interior £4,000

Metallic paint £900

UK Lease Costs for Business

For pricing, we used selectcarleasing.co.uk (Total BGS Energy are not affiliated to selectcarleasing.co.uk in any way and advise you to shop around for the best deal) – prices valid 16th August 2021. Lease costs exclude VAT based on 15,000 miles with a 3 month initial payment and a contract length of 36 months

Standard Single Motor £510.66 plus initial payment of £1,531.99

Long Range Single Motor £556.35 plus initial payment of £1,669.06

Long Range Dual Motor £594,76 plus initial payment of £1,784.28



The model on test has a WLTP of 282-299 miles with a 0-60 of sub 5 seconds.

If we compare the Polestar 2 with a regular diesel Volvo XC60 B4 over 15,000 miles, the fuel costs of the Volvo is around £2,500 based on 134.5 pence per litre whereas the Polestar 2 over the same distance, (whilst charged at home) with a rate of 17p/KWH costs £672. This equates to a substantial saving but not quite as much as the Tesla Model 3 which costs £635 using the same parameters.


Rear View



During the test we used a mixture of A and B roads varying from 20 to 70 MPH. The ride was quite hard but that is to be expected with the larger tyres and performance suspension. The interior of the Polestar 2 is simply stunning, you can see the subtle nods to Volvo with the steering wheel and the touchscreen.

The touchscreen, whilst small, by modern standards is actually very responsive and the Google integration is almost flawless – which is something not seen in many cars to date unless you plug in a phone.


Central Touchscreen

Pros vs Cons




Large comfy cabinRide can be harsh with some models
Boot is one of the largest in a EV saloonSmaller screen than some rivals
“Curry hooks” everywhere (no more spilt takeaways)




Should you get one?

Absolutely. Whilst the looks may not be for everyone, fleet managers and drivers alike will love the Polestar 2. Reliability shouldn’t be an issue with Volvo providing a lot of the running gear. With a hatchback style boot, not a saloon like you get in some EVs, the Polestar is much easier for family use.





Would I buy one?

Absolutely. Although my wife isn’t keen on the looks of the car, I love it. For me personally, I find the interior just not special enough. I’m in my mid 30’s now and getting in the Polestar’s main rival just makes you feel different and puts a smile on your face whereas The Polestar just doesn’t.

The car itself is brilliant and I would be happy to own or lease one but once you’re cruising on the motorway, you could be in any car. If you want a car full of surprises and fun go with a Tesla Model 3, but be prepared for the lack of build quality which you don’t have to worry about on a Polestar.

Is it worth it?

100% yes. Shortfalls aside, I don’t think anyone would say the Polestar 2 is not a good buy. Keep in mind they also use the Volvo dealer network for servicing and repairs. I discussed this with a representative at the test drive and basically, pending availability – they will drop you off a courtesy car (if required), take your car to any Volvo garage with space (if your local is full but a garage 200 miles away is free they take it 200 miles) and then return it when they have finished working on it.

For me, that is one of the main selling points. The service from Volvo is second to none, we have used Volvos for years now on fleet and they just work. Try one when the experience centre is in your area. I guarantee you will enjoy it regardless of what you think of the exterior.



Graham Davison

Head of Energy & Siteworks

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