The Tesla Model 3 – Charging Ahead

White tesla model 3 with black rims parked

Initial Impressions

The version of the Tesla Model 3 we were given to try was the Dual Motor AWD 4dr Performance 2021. The first thing you notice with the Model 3 is how clean the car looks – the door handles are inset into the door, the wheels fill the arches just the right amount, the front of the car has no grill and the rear has no exhaust. All these design features help the Tesla to stand out in the crowd.

Before getting into the car, the employees over at Tesla Newcastle gave us a demo of one of the car’s key management tools, the Tesla iOS app. This digital dashboard controls a variety of features such as car unlocking, remote start, battery percentage, time left to full charge, real time location data and automatic climate control with the ability to be completely remote – these features would be perfect for any business traveller who enjoys the amenities of tomorrow. Who wouldn’t want a nice toasty car on a cold morning before a long day of driving? Or for me, a nice cold air conditioned car in the summer. All these features are fully available inside the car on the large central touchscreen.


Central Touchscreen


UK Pricing as of 29th July 2021

Standard Range Plus £40,990

Long Range £48,490

Performance £59,990


Metallic Paint £1,100 – £2,100

Sport Wheels £1,500

White and Black Interior £1,100

Enhanced Autopilot £3,400

Full Self-Driving Capability £6,800

UK Lease Costs for Business

For pricing, we used (Total BGS Energy are not affiliated to in any way and would advise to shop around for the best deal – for you) – prices valid 29th July 2021. Lease costs exclude VAT based on 15,000 miles with a 3 month initial payment and a contract length of 36 months.

Standard Range Plus £507.15 plus initial payment of £1,521.44

Long Range £580.09 plus initial payment of £1,740.28

Performance £808.20 plus initial payment of £2,424.60



The model we trialled has a WLTP range of 352 miles with a top speed of 162mph and a 0-60 in 3.1 seconds.

We were advised at the time of testing that using a Tesla supercharger would get us a 0 to 80% charge in 25-28 minutes. Using a standard 3 pin plug found in most UK homes, however, would mean the charge time is anything between 24-36hr unless you have a 7kW charger installed at home which would reduce the charge time to 8-12hrs.


Charging Port

Take one of our current fleet for example – the lovely Volvo XC60 B4 Diesel. Over 15,000 miles, the fuel costs are £2,500 based on 134.5 pence per litre whereas The Tesla Model 3 Performance over the same distance, (whilst charged at home) with a rate of 17p/KWH, costs £635 – equating to a saving of £1,865.

Volvo XC60 B4 Diesel

Volvo XC60 B4 Diesel


During testing, we assessed the usability of the Tesla Model 3 based on our usage case as we are a company that does a lot of miles up and down the country. So bearing that in mind, I found the interior to be perfect. Dual wireless charging just under the screen allows me to charge both my work and personal mobile on the go, the 15-inch central dash screen controls all aspects of the car, with hardly any physical buttons – this can be confusing when you first step into the Model 3 at first, but you do pick it up very easily.

The sat nav is one of the best i have used across multiple platforms. The Model 3 has an all round camera system; this means the screen displays acts like a sensor and captures vehicles and cyclists in real time based on the position in relation to your car, this technology helps mitigate the risk of hitting anything in your blind spot.



The seats were comfortable and had a great range of movement allowing me to find the perfect position. As our test car was brand new I did find the seats slightly too hard but as with any new car, these will soften over time.

If you travel as much as i do, Starbucks (other coffee chains are available) will be your friend – the cup holders were plenty big enough to hold even the largest caramel latte!

Moving outside toward the front of the Model 3, you have something called a Frunk which is essentially a boot where the engine would normally be. This is ideal for a standard sized rucksack or even a few bags of shopping. The boot at the rear is a decent size however, as with all saloon style boots, the opening is rather limited (although I fit my golf clubs perfectly fine).


Pros vs Cons




Lower cost per mileInitial purchase price higher than some of its rivals
ComfortabilitySome people might not like the fully digital control panel and prefer physical buttons.
Better for the environment
Low BIK (benefit in kind) for company car drivers


Should you get one?

If you are a company car driver or have multiple cars in your fleet, the Tesla Model 3 makes sense. With a low cost per mile and a rapidly expanding charging network, you could see real world savings on fuel over the life of the vehicle.

With the BIK on electric vehicles set at 1% until April 2022 and a planned change to 2% for 2022/2023, as a 20% taxpayer, your Net monthly BIK would be £10 based on the standard range model.

If you conduct a lot of business in London the good news is the Tesla Model 3 is exempt from the congestion charge minus a small application fee.


Front Exterior


Would I buy one?

Absolutely yes.

Would I buy the Performance model?

No. I think for me the Standard range is the car I would purchase. The Standard is still an amazing car even without the extra features such as dual motor and expanded range, to name a few. I couldn’t justify the extra costs to buy the Performance model over the Standard when the Cheaper model is right for me, still does the job, and then some.

Is it worth it?

For me, the Tesla Model 3 makes sense. As with all electric vehicles (EV), it’s about changing your mindset, instead of thinking “but i have to stop for a charge”, think about how often you stop at a services and go to the toilet, maybe grab a coffee or some food. Those 20 minutes could add hundreds of miles of range with the right charger.

Visit your local Tesla experience centre and see for yourself, trust me there are so many easter eggs hidden in the car and on the software that just bring a smile to your day.



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