The Green Series

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The Viability of Renewable Energy in 2021 & UK Net Zero 2050

Welcome to The BGS Blog – The Green Series. Over the next several months, we are going to be showcasing renewable energy and technology that will help us reach the UK Net Zero 2050 target, together.

Our aims are to educate and change people’s perceptions about renewable energy and its viability in 2021 and therefore, if you we’ve inspired you to play your part in making a difference, we could show you how you could go about doing it.


We will be looking at electric cars, car charging, solar panels and wind turbines. We want to show you that the renewable future is here; it’s functional, it’s affordable and above all else will positively impact the environment for generations to come.

What’s Next?

For Total BGS Energy, as a company not only in the energy industry but with a national sales team, we are always looking to adopt more renewable practices. One of the ways we’re doing our part is by converting ‘the fleet’ into cars that are more carbon neutral. Over the next few months we’re going to be test driving electric cars for possible fleet conversion.

Keep your eyes peeled as our first foray into the realm of electric vehicles is going to be – The Tesla Model 3!




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