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Spend less on your manufacturing utilities with Total BGS Energy.

Total BGS Energy is your go-to for saving money on your manufacturing utilities. An all-in-one package that ranges from managing installation siteworks to identifying money saving opportunities that are too good to turn down.

Whether you’re a large-scale corporation or a family-run business - we cater for your industrial utility needs.

We’ll do all the time-consuming parts, like procuring the best deals, managing installation projects, and supporting energy-efficiency manufacturing.

  • Save time and money
  • Honest and upfront
  • Simple and stress-free
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How we reduce your industrial utility bills

Energy and utility costs are at an all-time high, and they’re not dropping down. Ensuring your manufacturing business is still able to turn a profit is vital for the future of your business. That’s why we find the best energy-saving solutions at lower costs.

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    We secure packages with better rates

    Supplying manufacturing utilities is a competitive market. Everyone wants to lower their costs, but not everyone has the time to hunt down the best deals. We negotiate better rates with our range of industry contacts. That means we can fix great rates you won’t find anywhere else.

Find out how we can secure great rates on your manufacturing utilities

Total BGS Energy makes managing your manufacturing utilities simple

Total BGS Energy helps to simplify your energy needs so that you can focus on your manufacturing utilities. We help businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up, or a corporate establishment making an energy switch - we’ll construct a plan that fits you best.

We procure the best manufacturing energy deals for you. We oversee the installation process, and we even take care of your manufacturing utility bill management.

Want to make life simple? Find out how we can save you time and money

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    Save time and money

    Shave pennies from your energy costs and regain valuable time back to focus on the important things.

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    Honest and upfront

    At Total BGS Energy, we’re all about honesty. We offer upfront advice, without any sugar-coating.

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    Simple and stress-free

    An all-rounder package which not only procures your manufacturing utilities but manages them too.

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    A one-stop shop

    We have some connections to the most reputable brands in the UK to make sure you get the best of the best.

We partner with the best brands in the UK

We can hook you up with the best service deals from the UK's best-known utility providers.

Our simple, stress-free process

The process is simple, from the beginning throughout. You can expect a smooth and easy transition to better deals.

Initial discussion

Firstly, we’ll have a chat about your energy needs. We really get to know your business, what utilities it requires, and your sustainable manufacturing goals.

Detailed invoice assessment

The invoice assessment is detailed and thorough, so you can expect us to go through it in microscopic detail. We’ll identify areas you could be saving money or energy.

Manufacturing utilities

We’ll procure the most reliable manufacturing utilities from our industry contacts and oversee the installation process with our trusted installation partners.

Manufacturing telecommunications

We’ll wire you up with the best telecoms for your manufacturing company, so you can stay better connected in the long run.

Your sustainability goals

We know how important it is for your business to be greener. We make sure you’re manufacturing sustainably so that you can do your bit for the planet.

Numbers that matter

Explore the numbers that unlock your potential for growth and step into the realm of data-driven manufacturing success with the tangible impact of our utility services.

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We help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals

Total BGS Energy
  • Save money, time and hassle
  • We help businesses of all sizes
  • We work in the public and private sectors

Helping manufacturers around the UK boost their performance

Empower your business with Total BGS Energy. We’ve got all-in-one packages which are moulded to your manufacturing business. We’ll help you free up more time and remove those annoying admin tasks which take up your valuable time. Allow us to work in the background while you focus on your area of expertise.

  • Save time and money

    Saving time and money is important. We’ll find you unmissable packages that help you make great savings on both.

  • Upfront and genuine

    Straightforward and upfront service, with no hidden nasty surprises around the corner. We’ll always stay on the same page.

  • Simple and stress-free

    Our process is easy and smooth. Uncomplicated, stress-free service means less hassle.

  • Personal and reliable

    Our personalised solutions are the perfect fit for your manufacturing business. You can trust us to go above and beyond.

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Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions are answered here, but if you have more questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team.

Industrial energy refers to the energy used in various industrial processes and activities, including manufacturing, mining, construction and other industrial sectors. It encompasses the energy required for operating machinery, running equipment, heating, cooling and powering industrial facilities. Industrial energy consumption is typically significant due to the scale and intensity of industrial operations.

The types of energy used in industrial settings can vary depending on factors such as the nature of the industry, geographic location and technological advancements. Efficiency and conservation measures are also crucial in managing industrial energy consumption, and using a service such as Total BGS Energy to always get you the best energy deal could well save you a significant amount.

We help all manufacturers. If you’re looking for a better and more affordable deal on your energy supplies, then Total BGS Energy can help you.

It can change from week to week and even from day to day these days, which is why having Total BGS Energy on your side while negotiating a new arrangement is so advantageous to your company. We constantly go above and beyond to find you the most suitable and reasonably priced energy package for your requirements and collaborate with numerous suppliers in the UK to make this happen. Our direct access makes us privy to energy bargains that aren't accessible to the general public or through price comparison websites, so working with Total BGS Energy is a quick way to lower your energy costs.

As long as they are registered for VAT and use the energy for business reasons, businesses can typically claim back the Value Added Tax (VAT) they pay on their utility bills. You should be aware of a few particular circumstances and exceptions, though. First and foremost, you must be VAT registered with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). A business cannot claim VAT on any costs, including utility bills if it is not registered for VAT.

Second, the utility bills must be used only for business activities for the VAT to be reclaimed. The VAT on any percentage used for personal or non-business purposes cannot be claimed. Finally, there might be some restrictions or exceptions to VAT reclaims for particular sectors or situations. Businesses engaging in specific exempt activities might not be allowed to claim VAT on utilities. Ask our team for advice.

When balancing the books, you should always take a close look at outgoings and search for opportunities to lower them whenever possible. Manufacturing businesses are often energy intensive which will mean that having the best deal possible is vital – every decimal point in the contract can mean huge spending. To help you get the best bargain possible, Total BGS Energy offers a full solution that includes managing the switch from one supplier to another on your behalf.

Energy outages are uncommon in the UK, except the infrequent and brief power outages that we have all encountered over the years. Missing deadlines for manufacturers could cost the business and its clients dearly, so energy supplies need to be reliable. When we secure you the best energy bargain, we only partner with trustworthy businesses, so you'll never have to worry about any substantial interruptions in your gas and electricity supplies.

Yes, we can manage the installation of energy from a new supplier if your facility is brand new, and also provide comprehensive management solutions for everything related to switching your energy provider.

Yes, and doing so is often the best way to get the lowest deals. However, Total BGS Energy will constantly search for bespoke deals for your company, whether it comes from a single provider or a number of them.

Your energy experts, here to help.

For any business energy questions or queries, contact Total BGS Energy today. We’d be more than happy to help.

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