Commercial Electric Meter Installation

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Commercial electric meters are used to measure and record the electricity output in non-domestic properties. They provide businesses with an accurate and direct insight into usage rates, ensuring you are correctly billed for only the electricity you use.

They offer many benefits for businesses, especially those with higher electricity demands. For one, they can aid in cutting down costs as your usage rates are monitored more closely, allowing you to budget accordingly. They are also a useful tool in lessening your environmental impact and contributing to greener practices.

UK Electric Meter Installation
Electric Meter Installation for Businesses

Why choose Total BGS Energy's commercial electric meter installation?

Use Total BGS Energy's services for your commercial electric meter installation and start to reap the benefits

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    Accurate measurement of electricity readings

    No more estimated readings, with a commercial electric meter installation you can be sure of always having an accurate and exact readout of your energy use either half-hourly or daily. Your new electric smart meter installation will mean you only pay for the energy you use – no more arguments with your electric utility supplier.

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    Saving businesses money and energy

    Total BGS Energy don’t only offer you the most competitive energy deals for your business, but they also can install an electric smart meter to ensure you have detailed, real-time information about your business’s energy consumption. Knowledge is power, and being able to see where energy is being wasted and how you’re using energy can help to manage your business’s energy consumption better. An electric smart meter installation can help you find ways to save energy, becoming more energy efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

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    Working with highly-qualified, trusted engineers

    At Total BGS Energy we work with the most experienced and qualified engineers to get your new electricity meter installation completed with the minimum of stress to your business and operations. We organise and oversee the process to prevent inconvenient downtime, to get your commercial electric meter installed and starting to register your usage as quickly as possible – giving you completely accurate electricity billing.

Our commercial electric meter installation process

The Total BGS Energy team can tailor our commercial electric meter installation services to your needs, delivering fast results, within your budget.

Initial consultation

When it comes to your electric meter installation the process couldn’t be simpler. Our team will first sit down and have an initial consultation with you to discuss your requirements. This just gives us a better understanding of how we can best help you and can either be done in person or over the phone.

Potential site survey

We may also visit your property to survey the site. Once this is completed and everything is approved, we arrange a date for the fitting to be completed.


When your installation date finally arrives, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our installations are only carried out by qualified electricians who have an average completion time of two hours.

Safety checks

We also complete a range of safety checks to ensure everything is up to code and complies with health and safety regulations.

Types of business electric meters

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    Single-rate electric meter

    Single-rate meters are the most popular type of electric meter, commonly used throughout many commercial spaces. These meters offer users a single fixed rate, regardless of the time or day. This is the preferred meter of choice for businesses with a constant flow of traffic or those with considerably busier daytime periods. For example, office spaces, coffee shops and cafes.

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    Two-rate electric meter

    As the name points out, these electric meters have two different usage rates for peak and off-peak hours. They are typically referred to as Day, Evening and Weekend meters, where users will have cheaper rates during an allocated evening period and over the weekend. The specific times of such are determined by your electricity provider, however, they typically fall anywhere between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.

    With peak or daytime energy consumption often a lot more expensive with these meters, they are best suited to pubs, late-night restaurants and takeaways, any establishment that receives more traffic during these periods.

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    Three-rate electric meter

    With a three-rate electric meter, as well as the peak and off-peak split monitored by two-rate meters, there is an additional super off-peak period during the nighttime hours, with even cheaper electricity rates. Although the specific hours are similar, if not identical to two-rate meters, again, it is recommended to consult with your energy provider to see when those times are.

    This meter offers even greater flexibility with your energy usage, with the potential to bring significant savings to businesses with greater nighttime activity, like nightclubs and bars. Both three-rate and two-rate electric meters are also frequently referred to as time-of-use meters.

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Thanks to our basic company principles of honesty and reliability, we have had a beneficial impact on many businesses with our comprehensive services throughout the industry, meaning Total BGS Energy is the company to trust with your commercial electric meter installation.

  • Save your budget and time

    We will take the headache out of installing your new electric meter with our siteworks teams managing the whole process for you and saving you time. Your new meter will enable you to keep a closer eye on your electricity usage, meaning you can save money long-term.

  • Honest and upfront

    We believe in always being upfront with all our clients. We will communicate honestly with you and keep the communication clear, so there’s nothing hidden or unexpected, and we always try to get you the best prices possible.

  • Personable and reliable

    We prefer to relate to all of our clients on a personal level, getting to know you and your company, and we pride ourselves on being the energy company you can rely on. You can always get in touch about any aspect of your electric meter installation and supply.

  • Simple and stress free

    Total BGS Energy is such an easy company to work with. We are a reliable partner, here to reduce your workload and wipe out any stress connected to managing your business’s energy needs.

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Commercial electric meter installation FAQs

The installation times will vary depending on your building infrastructure and your meter type. Electric smart meters have an average installation time between one and two hours, whereas standard electricity meters can take up to four hours. Although an accurate time can only be given once our experts have conducted a consultation, it is usually recommended to block out up to four hours in case of any sudden changes.

Yes. Whilst this of course depends on the location type and compliance with building regulations, changing the location of your commercial electric meter should not be a problem.

The cost of installing your commercial electric meter will depend on various factors, including the tariff you opt for, and the type of meter installed to name a few. If you would like to receive a free quotation, then feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team. We pride ourselves on having a fuss-free approach with fixed prices and no hidden fees.

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We all like to save money. We’ll seek out the best utility rates on the market, to help your business lower energy costs and direct money into the things that matter most.

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