Commercial Gas Meter Installation

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A new gas meter installation is the smart move for businesses looking to save money in the long run. Business expansion and relocating to new premises means your gas and energy usage could change, and the correct gas meters installed will help you efficiently stay up to date with all your readings and energy usage.

A commercial gas meter measures the volume of energy used to fuel businesses. Gas meters come in different sizes, and it is very important your business has the right size installed. If the wrong size is installed, it may not be able to keep up with the amount of gas that your business requires.

Total BGS Energy carries out gas meter installations and will always ensure your business is fitted with the right size thanks to our expert knowledge.

Commercial Gas Meter Installation
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Why choose Total BGS Energy's new gas meter installation?

A commercial gas meter installation for your company from Total BGS Energy will soon see you reaping the rewards of more accurate reporting of your energy usage.

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    Providing more accurate business gas usage

    With a gas meter installation, you’ll never need to send estimates or head off to some dark corner of the building to find the information, and there won’t be any more inaccurate bills to dispute with your provider. A new gas meter installation for your business’s needs will give you clear and totally accurate information about your gas usage you can provide your supplier with.

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    Understanding and awareness of gas energy consumption

    Having an understanding and awareness of your business’s gas consumption, via your new gas meter installation, will empower you to make sure you are being charged fairly and you are making the most economical use of your resources. If any area of the business is wasting gas energy in any of its processes, a business gas meter installation will pinpoint it and, with help from our expert team at Total BGS Energy and the super competitive tariffs we can supply you with, it won’t be long until you’re saving money in new ways.

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    Highly qualified, trusted and efficient engineers

    Total BGS Energy will manage the entire process of getting your new gas meter installation sorted. We only work with the best and most qualified engineers to give you peace of mind it’s being professionally handled. We keep you informed during the process but make sure it doesn’t get in the way of your day-to-day operations or cause inconvenient downtime. As soon as your gas meter installation is completed, you’re ready to go with accurate meter readings.

Business gas meter installation process

The Total BGS Energy team can tailor our services to your needs, delivering fast results, within your budget.

Initial consultation

During this first step, we get to know your business, as well as find out your gas supply numbers. These are the unique numbers, also known as the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) that are on your latest gas bill. This helps us to determine what type of gas meter to install. We will also book a date for the groundwork and installation to take place that works for you, where available.


We ensure the correct groundwork takes place to provide you with a safe connection to the gas main . We hire our trusted contractors, leaving you without the worry of finding the people for the job. We also organise all protocols that need to be adhered to with the right energy bodies.


Our accredited engineers will take care of the whole installation process. We connect your building to the gas main in a safe and efficient manner. As gas meter installations require expert knowledge and deal with highly flammable materials, you can trust Total BGS Energy to perform this step correctly.

Safety checks

Once installed, we perform all necessary safety checks to ensure everything is secure. Every part of the gas meter installation is rigorously checked before we hand your new gas meter over to you. Our installation process is the same for all businesses, no matter the size. Small and large businesses can rely on us to treat them with the identical level of care and dedication for a new gas meter installation.

Types of business gas meters

There are several types of gas meters available. Each one is designed to meet the specific energy demands of all types of business. Total BGS Energy can match your business, whether you’re an industrial-scale company or an SME, to the right type of business gas meter.

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    Diaphragm meters

    The majority of diaphragm meters are found in modest commercial buildings. They work by filling and emptying a succession of diaphragms, which measure the amount of gas flowing through the meter. They are suitable for businesses with a moderate need for gas.

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    Rotary meters

    Typically, medium-sized businesses utilise rotary meters. In comparison to diaphragm meters, they are more precise at greater flow rates and measure the amount of gas using two rotors.

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    Turbine meters

    For large commercial and industrial properties, turbine meters are employed. For these applications, they are more precise and made to tolerate much higher flow rates. A rotating turbine is used to gauge the gas flow rate.

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    Orifice meters

    Typically, very large industrial applications use orifice meters. These gas meters gauge the pressure decrease over an orifice plate that has been inserted into the gas stream. This type is generally not used for smaller commercial businesses due to its complexity and cost.

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    Ultrasonic meters

    The velocity of the gas flowing through the pipe is measured by meters using ultrasonic waves. These are often utilised in large industrial properties where precision is required and are extremely accurate.

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    Smart meters

    Smart meters are becoming increasingly more popular for businesses. These meters eliminate the need for manual readings and improve billing accuracy by sending information about gas usage back to the energy provider digitally. They are available in sizes appropriate for small to large organisations.

    The optimum type of meter for your business will depend on your particular requirements, such as the size of your building, its gas consumption and the degree of accuracy it needs. As proficient gas meter installers, Total BGS Energy is more than happy to provide detailed consultations with you on the best type of new gas meter that will work for you.

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Total BGS Energy has made a positive impact across many businesses thanks to our dedicated team providing comprehensive service, as well as making a difference with our core, company values.

  • Save time and money

    Total BGS Energy takes the stress and hassle out of installing your commercial gas meter saving you ample time. You’ll also have a closer eye on your gas usage, allowing you to save money in the long run.

  • Honest and upfront

    Our goal is to provide our customers with upfront and honest services and prices, sharing insights for your business to thrive. There’s no hidden agenda with Total BGS Energy.

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    Your business needs are at the forefront of our services, and we take the time to get to know exactly what you’re looking for. We tailor our services to get you the best deals and solutions. We’re here with you every step of the way.

  • Simple and stress free

    It won’t feel like work with Total BGS Energy. Partnering with us is a guarantee of stress-free services and solutions for your gas meter installation.

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Commercial gas meters FAQs

There are several requirements needed for new gas meter installations, including a site survey to assess the type of gas meter you need as well as a contract in place with a gas supplier. Total BGS Energy can set your business up with everything you need regarding a new gas meter installation.

The cost for a gas meter installation will vary depending on factors including the type of meter, the complexity of the installation and your location. Costs can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand. For a no-obligation quote, get in touch with the team at Total BGS Energy.

Each installation job is unique and will require a different length of time to install. The type of meter will also depend on how long it will take to install, as the more complex the gas meter, the longer it will typically take. As expert gas meter installers, Total BGS Energy works as efficiently as possible when installing a meter for your business, with some installations taking a day to complete. For an estimate on the time length, give us a call on 0845 388 0991.

You can arrange a gas meter installation by getting in touch with us here at Total BGS Energy. We handle the entire installation process for you and will begin with a detailed consultation and site survey to understand your business needs and which type of gas meter will be right for you. Get in touch with Total BGS Energy today to start the journey of a new gas meter installation.

Yes. Companies registered in the UK can claim 20% VAT on their utility bills. However, it’s important to keep a record of your electricity usage to support your claim, in addition to issuing and keeping copies of valid VAT invoices.

A comparison site won’t take your company’s individual needs and goals into account. It will simply generate a list of generic rates available online. These rates are likely much higher than the tariffs you would pay via Total BGS Energy, as our industry contacts give us privileged access to electricity deals that don’t appear in a regular search.

What’s more, the support provided by Total BGS Energy is about so much more than simple energy procurement. We also manage your bills for you, producing regular reports and helping you to identify further opportunities for savings. In addition, we’ll implement any physical structures your business might need to get set up in the first place. As such, we provide so much value beyond monetary savings, from freeing up your time to taking away the stress and burden of managing your utility bills.

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