Construction Waste Management

Enhancing construction waste management across the UK with affordable, simple and swift solutions.

Total BGS Energy provides services for waste management in construction, with reliable collection, transportation and disposal of all types of waste.

Our goal is to help companies with a construction waste management plan that enhances the way waste is handled, implementing recycling programmes, reliable collections and cost-effective solutions that help you stay compliant with all legislation.

We are the UK’s top construction site waste management service provider here to take care of all your requirements.

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Construction Waste Bins
Construction Waste Management

Our construction waste management services

Waste management on construction sites can be challenging at times, with collections being unreliable or delayed, incorrect disposal or lack of communication between you and your waste management provider, leading to halted progress on your site’s project. Receiving lack-lustre services can have a significant impact on your company’s adherence to numerous compliance requirements, including The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, and you’ll most likely end up paying large fees for inadequate services. Additionally, construction waste management regulations state that a waste transfer note for each load transported from your site is required.

Total BGS Energy provides turnkey services to handle every element of construction waste management, making it easier for companies to concentrate on what they do best – building various projects safely. From saving you money and helping your waste processes stay eco-friendly to managing all administration tasks, we are the top choice for all your requirements.

Types of construction waste

Total BGS Energy has the expertise and network to manage all types of waste produced on construction sites, including:

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    Inert waste

    The most common type of waste produced, inert waste includes concrete, bricks, stones, soil and asphalt. This waste must be disposed of legally and not be taken to landfills as they do not decompose.

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    Non-hazardous waste

    Requiring special handling and disposal to comply with COSHH Regulations and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, hazardous waste is harmful to both humans and the environment. Construction sites typically waste paints and varnishes, adhesives and sealants as well as asbestos and harmful insulation when performing demolition or removal.

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    Metal waste

    Metal scrap and leftovers are common in construction. Metal waste requires specific disposal bins to ensure every piece that can be recycled is done so correctly. Metal is used for tools and materials for various construction projects.

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    Food waste

    Workers will inevitably throw away food throughout the day. If food is not disposed of correctly, it will rot in landfills and produce methane, causing harmful emissions to the environment.

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    Wooden waste

    Any wooden materials that are not used for final construction can be recycled and used again for other purposes. Wooden waste materials include chippings, frames and pallets. Wood should be recycled separately from other recyclable waste materials.

Benefits of choosing Total BGS Energy’s construction waste management services

We don’t waste our clients’ time or patience and we take great pride in providing construction waste management services with clear, honest communication. We have worked with many construction companies and benefited them immensely, and we don’t hold back from letting everyone know about it.

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    Fair use policy

We never charge extra for overweight collections.

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    Transparent pricing

We don’t hide any costs; all you pay is a collection rate and a service fee.

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    Collection notifications

Stay up to date on your waste collection with real-time emails and SMS notifications.

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We ensure your construction company adheres to all regulatory requirements.

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    Deliver a carbon offset

We follow sustainable practices and help your business reduce carbon emissions.

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    Receive a free bin

Receive a free bin of your choice for your specific type of construction waste.

Our construction waste management plan

We have years of experience in performing waste management in construction and have streamlined our turnkey services for companies across the UK. We ensure our customers get the best rates on the market and pass the savings on to you.

Our experts go above and beyond to provide you with the most affordable services available and provide a construction waste management plan that benefits you.

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    Negotiating better rates

    We cut your operating costs with our construction waste management services and negotiate the top deals and rates. You won’t find these rates anywhere else, other than with Total BGS Energy, enabling you to pay less for your contracts.

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    Detailed invoice analysis

    Our team deep dive into your construction waste invoices to highlight areas where you can save money to stop you from paying extra for inefficiencies. You receive the best service possible at cost-effective prices.

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    Full account management

    We help you proceed with what you do best without the hassle and distractions of account management. You’ll get a dedicated account manager to oversee all payments and invoices, relieving you of the need to navigate through the complex financial processes.

We partner with the best brands in the UK

We can hook you up with the best service deals from the UK's best-known utility providers.

Our waste management process

Total BGS Energy offers a streamlined and simple process for your construction site waste management needs. Expect swift results - all within your budget.

Initial discussion

We start with an initial discussion to understand your wastage needs and business goals. We use this information to offer tailored advice on what will work best.

In-depth invoice analysis

We analyse your current waste invoices and highlight issues and saving potential, showcasing all hidden costs you’re currently paying.

The best waste deals

From the data we’ve collected, our team gets to work on finding you the top and most affordable rates for waste management, negotiating through our expansive and trustworthy network.

Set-up and communication

Once we have finalised a chosen deal for you, we set up all accounts with the provider and communicate all relevant information to you, including delivery and future collection dates.

Additional services

We also provide a host of other services, such as utility services ranging from electric, gas and water, as well as telecoms and siteworks. All our services come with unbiased, expert advice and assistance.

Waste management in construction: Total BGS Energy is leading the way

We guarantee the best construction waste management services in the UK with clear, honest communication throughout the entire process. Your construction company will be able to get on with your projects without the hassle of managing the waste created with Total BGS Energy’s help.

  • Save money

    We are expert negotiators and manage all aspects of waste management for your construction company, ultimately saving you time and money. We use our industry network to get you the most affordable waste management solution.

  • Honest and transparent

    We believe honesty is the greatest way to build trust with clients. We keep you informed throughout the process and don’t use jargon or hidden fees.

  • Personal service

    We personalise our construction waste management services to match your requirements and get to know you and your company on a personal basis.

  • Stress-free process

    We’ll handle all your waste management for your construction company, saving you time and stress. We simplify waste management and reduce workload.

Red and grey construction waste bins being used on a construction site

Construction waste management FAQs

Want to learn more about what we do and how we can help? Browse through our FAQs below. Alternatively, get in touch!

Waste management in construction involves a range of measures designed to reduce and efficiently manage the production of waste during construction projects. This covers the collection, transport, processing, recycling, disposal and monitoring of waste materials. Reducing the environmental impact, promoting sustainability and adhering to legal and regulatory requirements are the main objectives of waste management in this industry.

All members of your construction company are responsible for waste management, ensuring that all types of waste are disposed of correctly, mitigating the impact on the environment and human health. Total BGS Energy can then take on the responsibility of organising all means of transportation and disposal of your waste, helping you save time and money.

Materials that are recyclable, hazardous and non-hazardous must be disposed of in separate skips or designated bins. Once your waste has been stored, you can schedule the disposal of construction waste through Total BGS Energy’s services which will organise the collection and transportation to the necessary sites.

A site waste management plan should include the contractor responsible for implementing the plan, ideas for how to prevent waste, a detailed list of the types of waste with their EWC (European Waste Catalogue) code, information on how the waste will be reused or recycled and how much waste is expected to be removed by a licensed waste carrier. The experts at Total BGS Energy create detailed site waste management plans that help reduce onsite waste and help save you money.

Some of the main types of construction waste include concrete, bricks, tiles, cement and ceramics. Recyclable materials such as wood, glass and plastic, and non-recyclable or hazardous waste materials, such as insulation and asbestos, metallic waste, soil and stones, paints and varnishes, adhesives and sealants and bituminous mixtures such as tar. Other waste produced also includes food waste and packaging materials.

All of these types will fall under hazardous or non-hazardous materials and each will need to be properly disposed of according to regulations – let the experts at Total BGS Energy manage it for you.

Manage your construction site waste with our cost-effective services

Total BGS Energy saves you money and time with our construction waste management services. Your business will be set up with reliable waste collection that enhances your sustainability goals with no hidden costs. No matter how much or what type of commercial waste you produce, we are here to help.

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