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When it comes to choosing company electricity, one of the most important factors to consider is contract type.

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    Fixed electricity tariff

    Contracts with fixed-rate tariffs mean you will pay the same per-unit rate regardless of fluctuations in the market. This can mean paying more than with variable rates if prices drop, but if the market goes up, you’ll make considerable savings.

    Fixed-rate contracts usually last between 12 and 60 months and make your bills easier to predict.

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    Deemed rate tariff

Deemed rates are applied when no specific agreement has been made with your energy company. They tend to be higher than negotiated rates, so it’s best to find a new deal as quickly as possible.

Total BGS Energy uses its industry insights and professional contacts to negotiate the best electricity rates on your behalf, thus reducing your utility bills.

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    Rolling contract

Don’t get stuck in a rolling contract. Electricity companies will automatically switch you to rolling payments once your current deal is done, often resulting in higher electricity costs.

It’s therefore important to negotiate a new deal before your current contract comes to an end. We can help you find the most suitable deals.

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    Out-of-contract rates

If you don’t renew your contract, you’ll have to pay out-of-contract electricity rates, which are much higher than our exclusive electricity packages and deals.

We partner with the best electricity companies in the UK to help your business save money on its electricity bills. We’ll also negotiate on your behalf.


Don’t let your gas bills blow up by not paying enough attention. Let Total BGS Energy negotiate a great deal for you instead.

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    Fixed gas tariff

    Our fixed-tariff gas deals mean you’ll pay the same price per unit regardless of whether or not market prices go up. This could save you a lot of money, particularly in turbulent times.

    Fixed-rate contracts tend to last for a couple of years, making it much easier to budget for your gas bills on a month-by-month basis. This can help to keep control of your spending.

Gas energy
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    Deemed rate tariff

Deemed-rate gas prices are much higher than negotiated-rate packages. They are basically the default rates you will pay before talking to your gas provider.

Total BGS Energy will talk to suppliers on your behalf to ensure that the savings your company makes by switching to negotiated rates are even bigger.

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    Rolling contract

When it comes to managing your business, just rolling with it never works. Rolling gas rates are much higher than negotiated price plans, resulting in a lot of unnecessary spending.

Your company will automatically switch to rolling gas rates when its current contract comes to an end, so it’s important to renew and upgrade before your current deal matures.

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    Out-of-contract rates

Signing contracts can seem scary. But it’s much better to lock in a good deal than to continue paying out-of-contract gas rates. These rates tend to be much higher than negotiated packages.

Total BGS Energy uses its contacts in the gas industry to access the best gas deals in the country. This will inevitably reduce your gas bills, whilst also taking the stress of management away from you.

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Water is so essential that we can let bills wash over us without a second thought. However, careful thought and planning can result in significant savings.

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    Fixed water tariff

    Fixed-tariff water rates protect your company from a fluctuating market, where highs and lows make budgeting for your water bills practically impossible.

    Whilst this may mean you pay slightly more than with variable rates if the market falls, it does protect you from soaring costs in times of economic trouble.

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    Deemed rate tariff

Your business will automatically pay deemed water rates as soon as you move into your commercial property. Nevertheless, these rates won’t be the most favourable.

Total BGS Energy will procure the best water deals on your behalf, speaking to our energy partners to find the lowest rates for your business.

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    Rolling contract

With so many other things to do in your business, renewing your water deals can easily pass you by. Nevertheless, entering into a rolling contract can increase your costs.

It’s therefore important to negotiate new, favourable water rates that work for you. Total BGS Energy takes care of this and more for you, saving you both time and money in the process.

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    Out-of-contract rates

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your water bill, a negotiated contract is a great idea. Unlike out-of-contract rates, which can be quite high, negotiated rates allow your company to lock in a great deal.

In addition to negotiating better water rates for you, Total BGS Energy will install any pipework required to get your business up and running with a new water company.

We partner with the best brands in the UK

We can hook you up with the best service deals from the UK's best-known utility providers.

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At Total BGS Energy, we won’t just save you money – we also save you time. From managing things on your behalf to making our processes quick and efficient, we make handling your company utilities a breeze.

Initial discussion

We like to get to know our clients, as this helps us to provide tailored advice that has the most impact on your business.

Forensic bill validations

Our energy experts put your bills under the magnifying glass to identify potential savings opportunities.

Business water

Wash away your water-bill woes with our cost-effective deals and time-efficient water management services.

Business energy

Choosing to partner with Total BGS Energy for your business energy needs is definitely a lightbulb moment.

Sustainable business practices

Whatever your business sustainability goals, we’ll help you offset your company’s carbon emissions through our green providers.

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The time, money and effort you will save with Total BGS Energy all adds up. See for yourself below.

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Renewable energy systems installed or integrated

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Green energy

Whether you’re aiming for net zero or want to become carbon neutral, Total BGS Energy is here to help.

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    Renewable energy partners

    We partner with some of the UK’s best renewable energy providers to supply your company with greener energy less likely to impact your carbon footprint.

    Once you reach a goal, we’ll create new milestones with you to ensure that all your company utilities are as green and sustainable as possible. It’s great for the planet and your reputation.

The UK’s most honest and reliable energy procurement service

Total BGS Energy is more than just a business energy procurement service. We’re your total energy partners, helping you to achieve a myriad of valuable benefits for your business – large or small – through better deals, reliable advice, physical toil and dedicated support.

  • Save time and money

    There’s no need to worry about application forms or time spent on the phone with utility providers. We’ll handle the full process for you – and we’ll look for every opportunity to save you money along the way.

  • Honest and upfront

    We don’t deal in hidden costs and confusing jargon. You’ll always receive open and honest communication from Total BGS Energy.

  • Simple and stress free

    We’re here to take the hassle out of your utility procurement and installation requirements. Whether you’re looking for a single domestic connection or covering a large, multi-use site, we’re a one-stop shop for all things energy.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our services by browsing through our FAQs below. Alternatively, you can contact us for free, impartial advice.

Put simply, energy procurement means obtaining the energy supply that your company needs to go about its daily business. The most common types of energy to be procured on a company’s behalf include gas, electricity and energy produced from renewable sources.

Energy procurement companies like Total BGS Energy aim to find and secure the most cost-effective energy solutions for your organisation. We will therefore analyse your energy usage and requirements before negotiating the best contracts with suppliers on your behalf. We can also help you to manage your energy consumption, to reduce your costs and minimise waste.

At Total BGS Energy, we go above and beyond with our energy procurement service, also offering add-on services like building energy infrastructure and opening new financial accounts on our clients’ behalf. Our advisers can also help you to improve your operational efficiency and reduce your environmental impact by choosing more sustainable energy sources.

Business energy contracts are a bit more complicated than at-home energy deals. Many factors can impact your company’s energy spending and there are plenty of other factors to consider before you can even get started.

If you are moving into a new property, you’ll need to ensure your premises are properly connected to the necessary infrastructure – be it water pipes and sewerage lines or the mains electricity grid – before you can even think about finding an energy provider. Total BGS Energy can help with this, sending our dedicated siteworks team out to your site to get everything up and running.

If your property is already connected, it’s a good idea to let your supplier know in advance and negotiate a new deal to avoid paying higher deemed-rate fees.

If you have moved from a previous property, it’s also important to ensure you cancel any contracts with previous providers, ensuring that you send photographic evidence of your latest meter readings on your move-out date. Some providers require advanced notice before they will terminate your contract, so it’s always best to give them as much warning as possible.

To manage your business energy contracts appropriately and effectively, it’s important to develop a reliable business energy strategy. If you don’t have your own energy management department, it’s best to contact a professional procurement company like Total BGS Energy to take care of this for you, as it will save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long run. This way, you will also benefit from more structured insight and advice.

The expert team at Total BGS Energy would be more than happy to talk you through the different types of business energy contracts available, explaining how all different types of rates operate. We are also able to advise you on any government schemes or incentives that you may be eligible to apply for to assist with the costs of your business energy bills.

Renewable energy procurement is just like all other kinds of energy procurement. It’s all about finding the best energy deals for your business.

However, with renewable energy procurement, the primary focus is on sustainability rather than cost savings. Whilst it is possible to combine the two, more emphasis will be placed on sourcing your energy from green energy providers who use renewable sources like wind and solar power to generate all or most of their power.

If your current business energy supplier has gone into administration, don’t panic. There are mechanisms in place to prevent your business from being disconnected. In fact, an energy regulator will usually step in to ensure that your energy supply is not interrupted.

Following this, you will be automatically transferred to a new energy supplier (often referred to as the SoLR or supplier of last resort), which will continue to supply your business energy. It’s a good idea to contact your new supplier as soon as you have their details to ensure that your account is set up properly, in order to prevent any minor disruptions.

If you owed money on your old account, you may need to pay your debt back to the new supplier, if they have arranged with the old supplier to take on this debt. If no such agreement exists, you may have to pay your old supplier through their administrator instead.

Of course, the supplier of last resort is not always the best alternative energy supplier with the most favourable rates. As such, we recommend speaking to advisers at Total BGS Energy to see if we can find you a better business energy deal. If you do decide to go down this route, however, it’s important to note that certain energy contracts also contain clauses that state what will happen if your supplier goes out of business. It’s always a good idea to go over these to ensure there aren’t any penalties for early termination. Total BGS Energy can help you with this and negotiate your way out of an unfavourable contract, should you wish to do so.

The major benefit of fixed business energy rates is that you won’t pay more for a set period of time if market prices go up during that period (usually 12 to 60 months). This proves particularly useful in times of economic hardship when gas and electricity prices tend to be high. Not only do fixed energy rates protect you from price hikes in such cases, but they also make it much easier to calculate your upcoming energy spend, as you know the exact price per unit that you will pay in advance.

The only downside of fixed energy prices over variable rates is that, in opposite cases where market prices are low, you may pay slightly more than you would with variable rates. It’s also important to get your fixed energy deals checked by a reputable adviser, like the experts at Total BGS Energy, to protect yourself from misrepresentation. Indeed, some energy suppliers will fix your rates at a tariff much higher than the current price cap, meaning you could end up paying more.

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